Organic Asian Wheat Noodles

Opal's Organic Asian Wheat Noodles combine both the unique enchant of the East and the most sophisticated types of Organic Noodles in a unique line of products. 


From the remote mountain-fringed Yenqing lake district of Northern China, we have discovered a traditional grain mill and noodle shop that uses local pure spring water with organically grown grains free of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.  Each carefully chosen quantity of grain is freshly milled, and then using the traditional oriental roll-and-cut method, the noodles are formed and naturally air dried so we can offer you a variety of oriental noodles with incomparable taste and quality.


The four types of what noodles; Lomein, Brown Rice, Soba, and Udon come in a beautiful color display box, with an easy to remove top, to be placed on shelves. 

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